Last year we talked about coming up with a family motto. We actually came up with some good ideas – but it was so hard to remember everything. So this year, we decided to try again and keep it really simple. Rob suggested using our initials: CDF family(we have 3 last names going in our family.) We sat down with the kids and brainstormed words. We tried to come up with words that are all encompassing. Here’s what we came up with:


We reviewed what each word meant to us, what they represented, and what they made us think of and all decided that it was easy enough to remember. So, we used it and continue to use it. Perfect – in my rose coloured lense world!

However, not long ago, I was informed by Joshua (when I was trying to drill into him what our motto meant) that the kids had decided it could mean something different:


Their new motto. They think it is quite funny. Hmmm – at least they are talking about it….

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