Spring Fair

You know it is almost summer when our school has their annual Spring Fair. This year it is especially true, since they held it a few weeks later than usual.

The fair is something that the kids LOVE, and is a lot of work for parents. Some parents. I feel a bit bad because this year I said a whole lot of “no”. I bought raffle tickets, I baked for the bake sale, and I helped out the day before sorting some toys and making grab bags to sell, so I didn’t completely neglect my responsibility as a parent! But this year, I didn’t spend the day running around volunteering for 4 different classes like I have every other year. We decided instead to go to the fair with the kids and spend the time with them (and dropping cash on the activities, food and yummy baked items was sort of helping out too:).

The kids had a great time.

All the kids at the start of the day

On all the rides…

Enjoying the food of course…

Every year each class makes a big canvas painting that all the parents bid on. We have yet to win one. Sometimes they go for hundreds! Josh’s class one this year (soccer canvas) was going for over $250 last time I looked. Sam’s class (the abstract canvas) apparently was going for $600! Zandra’s class one is the canvas where they wrote all the emotions, and Zach’s class one is the “squiggle” one.

After the fair, we managed to head out to the boat and go for a ride together for the first time this year. It was a lot of fun too. We then had a BBQ and ate outside for the first time this year too! Summer time here we come!

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