Victoria Day Weekend

In the past few years we have had all the kids for the long weekend – which has meant we would head out of town. This weekend, we didn’t have everyone, so we were in town.

We had a really nice weekend though.

We had no kids on Saturday, so we put the boat in the water (finally) although it wouldn’t turn over when we tried to start. Rob figured out it was the spark plugs – and changed them himself. Who knew?

We then did some shopping and had a really nice Thai lunch.

We picked up Zach and Josh for the rest of the weekend and had an action packed remainder!

Zach and I went for bike ride on the trails. It is so great to go with him. I can’t believe how much he has grown…sigh. He has such an appreciation of nature – made me stop and listen to the birds – and even take a picture of the bird (it didn’t turn out so great).

Zach also had a sleepover with his buddy and we all went for a boat ride.

The kids played tons of street hockey (Rob joined them of course). Gabe, Zandra and Sam came home in time for dinner and we had friends over (10 kids in total) for dinner and then headed to the nearby park for fireworks and sparklers. Wish I got a picture. I need to remember to bring my camera!

Overall, it was a nice weekend.

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