Happy 40th Rob

Happy Birthday to the love of my life!

We had to celebrate with the kids the night before Rob’s birthday since his birthday fell on a Wednesday this year (so don’t have all the kids). We had a yummy dinner, followed by pecan pie (which he requested)and some cake (which I requested), and then the kids presented their gift: a collage they made for him and a video! The video was an interview with each one telling him what they love most about him, what special things they wish for him, and what they wish he would do differently. It was hilarious. We laughed so hard!

Of course, my gift to him is still in the works and will be revealed when it is done (needed some things from Italy!).

But I can still do the top favorite list:

Top 40 Reasons why I love Robbie McHottie

1. He is so intelligent
2. He is funny
3. He is gorgeous
4. He is so kind and considerate
5. He is so patient
6. He is well spoken and eloquent (and uses big words sometimes that no one knows)
7. He is a great teacher and example
8. He is humble and always willing to admit his mistakes
9. He is is a peace keeper and tries to smooth things over
10. He is a sexy boy
11. He is sporty
12. He plays with the kids
13. He knows how to relax and teaches me!
14. He works hard – but plays hard too
15. He is creative and talented artistically as well
16. He is genuine and sincere
17. He is responsible and dependable
18. He has a love affair with his car (in addition to me:)
19. He is deeply loyal
20. He is ultra trustworthy
21. He loves to travel and shares that passion with me!
22. He is an amazing skier (and patient with teaching me and the kids!)
23. He is amazing at tennis (and patient with teaching me)
24. He plays with my hair (and tickles my back)
25. He endures hot baths
26. He makes the bed every day
27. He takes out the garbage
28. He never complains – about ANYTHING
29. He is fully supportive about everything!
30. He is complimentary and makes me feel amazing even when I feel bad
31. He is affectionate and expressive
32. He is always crazy on time
33. He has a huge amount of integrity and always does the right thing
34. He is spiritual and a leader for our family
35. He is wise – but doesn’t push his wisdom on you
36. He loves his model cars and shares this passion with the kids
37. He makes each child feel so special and takes an interest in everything they do
38. He is a great listener and remembers what I say!
39. He is respectful and well respected by others
40. He makes me a better person and makes our family a stronger family.

I really could go on and on about how much I love this guy. He truly is exceptional and I am so grateful to have been given the honour of being his partner.

Happy 40th Birthday Robbie McHottie!

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