Nursery and Employee of the month

It’s amazing how sometimes our kids say the cutest things and we think we will NEVER forget them…but often, with all the other stuff that is jammed in our heads, we do forget. So it’s important to keep track….

Last year sometime, Josh was telling me about his savings plan. We had been talking a lot about money and the importance of spending wisely and saving wisely. We have told the kids that while we want to help out with their education, they will also be responsible to help finance it. So, Josh was telling me his plan. He had divided up his money into different piggy banks. One container was where he kept all the money that he was saving to buy something with (saving up for something more expensive). The other piggy bank was what he was saving for nursery. “Huh?” I asked him, “Nursery”? “Yes”, he replied. I couldn’t figure out what he was talking about! He then said “You know the thing you always tell us we have to go to after we finish all the school here”. Ahh…. UNIVERSITY. We laughed – so cute.

Tonight we had another moment I had to write about. We had just finished dinner and everyone was in the kitchen milling around joking and laughing. Josh asked “Where’s the employee of the month”? This really stumped me. “What are you talking about – something at school”? “No”, he said, “You know we always do employee of the month”. I was puzzled. He then went over to the bulletin board in the kitchen and pointed to one of cue cards and said, “This is employee of the month”. Ahh….QUOTE OF THE WEEK. We laughed again. I always keep last week’s quote up along with this week’s quote. He couldn’t remember which one was for this week….

This week’s Employee of the Month is:

“Love More”: Love more freely, more passionately, more unconditionally, in more ways, more places…just love more in general. Whenever you have a problem in a relationship – the secret is to LOVE MORE.

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