Quote of the Week

Bloom where you are planted.

Josh interpreted it as meaning: stay living in the same country until you are fully grown.

He told me a few months ago he wanted to be a professional soccer player. I asked him, “For Italy”? (Given his Italian background…). He responded “Of course not – it would be too expensive to have my own house”. In his mind, He needed to play around here so he could live with us. I told him I thought he’d be able to afford his own house in Italy if he was a professional soccer player (and he could pay for us to go to every game as well!). He could move to Italy….we chuckled about that! I guess it’s in his mind that he needs to stay with us as long as possible!

Zandra’s take of the quote: Make the best of where you are and be happy being where you are. Pretty good summary I think. Wherever you are, that is where you need to be. Make the most of it. You can bloom beautifully right where you are.

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