Quote of the Week

“What are you waiting for”?
– Some random flyer stapled to a telephone pole.

I went running this morning and came across my quote of the week (it bumped out the one I was originally intending to use as a back up as nothing had struck me thus far).

I then met with a client who is about 60ish in age. She was talking about her life plans – she is still planning on retiring in a few years, but her immediate plans had to be put on hold because she got into an accident. She had plans (which is more than many people have)- but everything had to be put on hold. She didn’t know she would get into an accident! And now, she might not be able to fulfill all the things that she had put off to do for retirement.

The other day, I chatted in the park with a man who had just returned with his wife and two kids (they are actually friends with two of my kids) from a round the world trip for a year. He told me when they decided to do it – people either loved the idea or hated it. They either thought he was an idiot or courageous. I think it was such a gutsy move. I won’t say “they were so lucky” (as it is something I would love to do) because I think people create most of their own luck. They wanted to travel, they had the means to do so, so they took the bull by the horns and made it happen. It was a trip of a lifetime.

So often people wait to do things. Constantly waiting for some change in circumstances, change in financial position, change in home, change in relationship, change in feeling. But all to often the changes don’t come, and then what? We have lost the opportunity.

Don’t wait to make changes – change now! Don’t wait to say what you feel – say it now! Don’t wait to live your dreams – live them now! Stop talking about things – just do them. Take action. Now. No Excuses.

Will we be able to accomplish our bucket list all at once? No. Will we all be able to fulfill every desire we have? No. Will we be able to make all the changes we want to now? No.

But we can start. Life is a journey not a destination. Getting on the path we have mapped out for ourself is a victory in itself. (Note: In order to “do it” – you have to have a plan first…. so allow yourself to dream!)

So, what are you waiting for?

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