Summer Fun!

Summer Kick Off
We have lots of things to look forward to this summer, and this weekend marked the kick off to our summer fun!

We skipped school and work on Friday and drove 6.5 hours to our very dear friend’s cottage outside of Montreal. It’s a new cottage so we were very excited! We arrived, and unfortunately the rain started…but that was ok because the kids were busy on the trampoline and in hot tub in the beautiful solarium.

Although the weather was pathetic (it pretty much rained the whole time), the kids managed to go tubing, paddleboating and swimming. In between they practiced their flips on the trampoline, and splashed around in the hot tub, had fooseball tournaments, and had some fun hanging out.

Being in Quebec, we also had some darn good steamie hotdogs, cheeseburgers and poutine to die for (even Rob liked it and he is NOT a poutine lover unlike me).

One tradition my friend Tarina has started at her cottage (which I will steal for our vacation time at the cottages we rent) is “Happy Hour”. The kids loved it: fun drinks and snacks for pre dinner while sitting around the table and answering a question from a “Question” game (things like: Where will you be in 20 years? If you could go back 50 years or forward 50 years which one would you do? What is your best talent?). One night the kids prepared “Happy Hour” all by themselves. They made frozen margaritas (lime and strawberry – virgin of course) and bruschetta. It was very cute, and we were quite impressed (although they came to tell us the drinks would take a long time because they were “making ice”. We had to inform them ice takes longer than 10 minutes to make). We were so impressed with how successful they were – however the next step is teaching them about clean up….

All in all it was a great start to our summer fun!

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