Happy Birthday Gabe

Gabe turns 13 today!

I can’t believe we have an official teenager on our hands!

Gabe spent the day at his Mom’s and then came back over to us for dinner.

Gabe requested his favorite meal (our birthday tradition is for the birthday person to choose whatever they want for dinner): Rib pasta (that’s our name for a sauce that I make from a recipe form Zach and Josh’s Italian great grandmother – it has meatballs and ribs in it – so we call it rib pasta), bruschetta and snickers cake. We bought the cake this year as he wanted one with snickers bars – and I think they did a better job then the one I was trying to create!).

So the 13 things we love about Gabe:

1. He has an amazing, infectious smile
2. He does great impersonations
3. He is a techie wiz
4. He can talk to anybody – including strangers – and make them feel good
5. He loves to learn new things and asks great questions
6. He is sensitive and picks up on people’s needs
7. He is very loving and affectionate
8. He loves to explain things to others (and shares his knowledge with his siblings)
9.He loves cars just like his dad
10. He likes a certain routine and sameness – as that still gives him comfort (e.g. same bedtime routine). He can be superstitious too(like not changing his socks?!? Can’t say I really LOVE that though…)
11. He is growing up – but can still play like a little kid!
12. He tries to be a good peace keeper and help resolve conflict (he will often help negotiate fights at home or in the school yard).
13. He is very very funny and makes us all laugh!

These are a few things that stand out, but there are many many more! We love you Gabe and hope you have a great year (and are kind to us in the teen years)!

Smom and Dad

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