Happy Double Digits Zach

I can’t believe that Zach has reached the double digits.


Where does time go?

One of my closest friends had a baby boy on the 11th and I visited her yesterday and it brought back a flood of memories to when Zach was born. Everything seems to be in slow motion for a while; every cry, diaper change, sleepless night, every tiny milestone. It feels like the moment will never end.

And then you blink. And they are 10. I imagine next time I will blink, he will be a full fledge teenager. Then adult.

“The days are long but the years are short”. So true.

At any rate, as much as I look nostalgically back to the day he was born and the million other tender (and challenging) moments in between, I am pretty happy to be the Mom of this kid.

For his birthday, he had a soccer game and a sleepover with a few buddies. I made his favorite – my traditional ice cream birthday cake for him – this time with mint chocolate chip icecream and chocolate aero balls covering it, writing out the number ten. On his real birthday, we had his favorite, sushi.

10 reasons why I love Zach:) (he signs his name with a smiley face – that says a lot about him as a person:))

1. He is so enthusiastic about life
2. He has a very sensitive and tender side
3. He will always stand up for injustice (even if it’s not unjust in my opinion!)
4. He is curious and loves to ask questions – which leads him to love to travel!
5. He is not afraid to try new things (even getting better with food!)
6. He is super duper responsible
7. He has a huge amount of integrity
8. He is a well balanced guy: loves sports, art, music. He participates in every activity he can
9. He puts in the effort and gives things his all
10. He is a serious talker:)and makes us laugh with all his detailed stories

There are of course, a million more things we love. We love you Zach and are so happy that you are in our family!

Love Mom and Rob

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