Second to last day:(

I can’t believe our time here is coming to an end…almost. We are just starting to relax. We really need to take two full weeks.

I peeked out our bedroom window and saw the beautiful sunrise this morning. Didn’t want to disturb sleeping Rob beside me. I had a bit of work I wanted to get done (downfall of being self employed) and I work best in the morning, so I got working.

When Rob woke up, we went for a run on the beach and were joined by Josh. Highly unusual for him to be up – but he was excited to get the chance to run by himself with us. He is a good runner, so keeping up is not a problem. Near the end he kept asking me which one was our house. “Poor fella”, I thought, “we’ve tired him out and he wants to know how much further”. I pointed the landmark out and started to encourage him that he could do it! But he wasn’t worried about that. He just took off. He actually wanted to know where the house was so he could sprint ahead and leave us slowpokes behind.

After breakfast we headed out to Kill Devil Hill to go to the Wright Brother’s Monument and Visitor Centre. This is where the Wright brothers first took flight in 1903. We walked around a bit, then headed to the monument. It was sure hot, so the kids were a little whiny.

Josh was really the only one who wanted to get out of the air conditioned car to check out the replica around the other side of the monument. So we got a bunch of photos with him.

Of course, as soon as the others saw you could climb up the replica (at least there were no signs that said you couldn’t), they all popped out of the car and came running to get their picture taken!

We headed back to have some lunch, and a little quiet time (I’m pooped) before we headed to explore another beach.

We went a bit north of us to Corolla beach – known for it’s soft sand, calmer surf and wide beach. It certainly was all that – and crazy crowded. The kids at first didn’t like it. Zandra said “It’s sort of a beach for grandparents and grandchildren”. But since we had hauled all our stuff in the 40 degree heat, we were staying.

The calm surf sort of grew on them though. There were still waves to surf, but you could also float around a bit. The kids were quite impressed with my ability to float on my back for a long time bobbing up and down with the surf. They were all worried I was going to float off so were constantly calling me. With my ears under the water though – they were faint, muted “Mom’s” and “Leah’s” so I pretended not to hear. Josh came out and dragged me back in a few times. Rob has everyone a bit paranoid about sharks now….

Speaking of Rob and sharks….While we were out in the water, I asked my wonderful, compassionate, caring, perfect hero of a husband, what time it was. I then noticed he had no watch on. And no wedding band. And no family ring which he always wears on his other hand. I asked him why? He responded, “I took all my bright shiny stuff off”. His reasoning – which I already knew: to not attrack sharks! However, he took care of himself, but never mentioned a word to his WIFE who was wearing her blingy wedding rings as well as her kid’s charm bracelet(I have a bracelet with all the kid’s initials on it that I NEVER take off – along with my wedding rings). So the sharks will go for me – but not him. Nice.

At any rate, the kids found a bunch of tiny clams and played with them for a while. They also did some “skateboading” on their boogie boards in the shallow water, jumped more waves and tortured each other. Everyone is really tired today – so just a bit more snippy and/or annoying.

We stopped for some groceries on the way back and also went to Duck Donuts so the kids could all select their own donuts – which they all loved. We relaxed a bit at home before having some burgers and fries for dinner at “Baldie’s”. Really tasty.

Around sunset time, Rob and I took a walk on the beach. It was so gorgeous. We’re going to get the kids out there tomorrow night to get some pictures. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, so my heart was taking a thousand pictures, soaking up the moment: walking hand in hand with the love of my life, the pinky sky, the soft sand, the gentle surf at our feet. Cheesy I know, but it was picturesque and so romantic. Luckily, Rob never goes anywhere without his phone, which I remembered and we were able to get some of these shots:

Even though some of the shots are not great (and many look the same!), I wanted to include them as they bring me right back to the moment. And that is what this blog is for: to bring me back to every moment I don’t want to forget.

I’m reading a good book right now called: “Wanderlust: A Love Affair with Five Continents” (heard about it from my old childhood best friend Jenn – or “Jennie” as I always knew her – will have to write a post on this great gal). There is line in the book that I will steal:

“My impulse to record was almost on par with my impulse to travel”.

And that is me. I love to travel AND I want to capture every moment of our lives. I don’t want to miss a thing. Even if it’s not a great photo, it reminds me of the photos I have stored in me that I can pull out at any time. Even if the story or the writing is mundane or boring, it can remind me of all the little details that I never want to forget. I’m so glad Rob had his phone tonight to capture our sunset walk (normally I complain about him always having his phone!!)

The evening ended with our traditional nighttime beach trip. I tried to get out of it as I was tired – but the kids love the tradition and they know how I love when they love the tradition ….

I’m gonna miss these days – and nights.

One more day and night to cherish.

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