Cottage 2011 – Day 1

The past few summers we have taken a week off to rent a cottage.

The first year we rented a very basic, rustic cottage on a very large lake.

Last year we rented a very luxurious cottage on a very small lake.

This year we have rented a very basic, rustic cottage on a small lake – Clear Lake. It’s actually a group of cottages – almost like a cottage resort.

I think I’m a luxurious cottage kind-a-gal. The kids are always bugging us to go camping though – so I figure a rustic cottage is as close as I’ll ever get! (Although in Canadian Tire the other day I did stop and look at the 13 person tent they had for sale…but the moment passed…).

While the cottage is a little small, and a little rustic for my taste, it has some great water “stuff” that the kids are having a blast with.

We arrived yesterday and got unpacked and got our boat into the water. Then we all went for a swim and played on the water trampoline, moon walk, Saturn ball and iceberg to climb. The kids went kayaking and paddle boating too.

This morning everyone sort of hung out and slept in. We all read in the morning for “traditional cottage reading time” before heading out to swim. The kids also had a blast with the kayaks, paddle boats and we even went for a canoe ride. We also took the boat out and did some tubing – which was a hit (as always – especially with our new tube!).

The kids are also enjoying the “games room” with pool, ping pong and air hockey. We have even enjoyed playing a few games of badminton.

There are a bunch of other kids at this cottage resort so at night the kids enjoyed playing manhunt before having smores at the fire. The sky has been to cloudy to enjoy Starlight Starbright, but I hope tomorrow! It’s supposed to be a sunnier day so keeping my fingers crossed!

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