Cottage Days

Cottage days have been quite simple: we sleep in, we have slow lazy mornings, head down to the beach (about 20 feet away) and swim and kayak and go on the boat. Rob took the three older boys out for a long kayak ride across the lake today. They were exhausted!

We usually have lunch on the picnic table, then spend some time relaxing and reading (traditional reading time!) before heading out to tube. Yesterday I went on the tube with each and every child…I guess that was our “special” time together, chatting while being pulled along. Today, I drove the boat while Rob had a turn.

After tubing, it’s more swimming time. Rob has been creating “missions” for the kids to complete: usually involve swimming out to the raft area – or kayaking, trying to make it across the moon walk, climbing up the saturn and then guessing a “secret combination” of sorts – all within a specific period of time. They love it!

After dinner, a little ping pong and badminton is on the agenda before a fire with s’mores and more marshmellows. Rob usually creeps the kids out with a ghost story before we go stare at the stars and do Starlight Starbright on the dock. Tonight we did a night boat ride and stopped in the middle of the lake while Rob told his scary ghost story. It was a huge hit.

When we got back, the kids told all the other kids at the cottage resort the story so everyone was getting creeped out! We lit sparklers tonight too and everyone wrote their name in the sky.

A very low key vacation – but nice to just be together.

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