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We’re back from vacation and trying to get back into our “routine of the week” – since summer doesn’t really have a routine longer than a week.

Last night at Family Night (we have to do it Tuesdays this summer because soccer is Monday and Tuesday is the only other night we consistently have everyone), Josh asked if there were new cards on the bulletin board. After taking a few minutes to figure out what he meant (funny how he remembers they are there but doesn’t remember that they are called “our quote of the week” cards!), I pulled out this week’s quote. I love that he is asking about them.

This one comes from Rob – it’s from a book that he read a review of and has ordered the book for me. I don’t know what the book is, but I’m excited to get it!

At any rate, here is the quote:

It’s more important to be interesting, to be vivid, and to be adventurous than to sit pretty for pictures”.

We had a good discussion about what we all thought it meant. I think Rob chose this one for me in particular as I am the one who likes things all pretty, perfect and smooth going. He is constantly reminding me to enjoy the journey. Life is not perfect – and that is ok. We can live in a bit of a mess, not get things done right away, and spend some time doing “nothing” – we just need to enjoy it and take pleasure in the small things.

I am getting better at this.

I still love “sitting pretty for pictures” – maybe has something to do with my compulsion to record things. But, a picture that captures the adventure, the experience, the feeling is way better than posing for the camera.

But I don’t necessarily think that “sitting pretty for a picture” is a bad thing either. I like getting some “photoshoots” done as those become my formal portraits. I like organization and order. It allows me to get a lot accomplished and to feel better inside, which in turns brings me some peace. Then I can relax and take pleasure in the smaller things without getting distracted by my own jumbled thoughts and stress.

The key, as as with everything, is balance. I need both: sitting pretty when the occasion calls for it, but making sure to enjoy the adventure, taking interest in the small things, and finding joy in the journey.

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