Back To School!

Hard to believe that another year has started!

Gabriel has gone off to Grade 8.

Alexandra is starting Grade 5. (Check the cutey curls!)

Zachary is starting Grade 5.

Joshua is starting Grade 3. (I threw in a goofy pic too since that is what is pretty much signature Josh!)

Samuel is starting Grade 1 – first year of full day school!

And of course we did our annual staircase picture…but first a little trip down memory lane (and history behind the picture!):

Here’s the fist pic – (I had just actually met Rob…) so it is just me and the boys. Josh was starting Junior Kindergarten (half days) and Zach was starting grade 1!

Then came our first official year together in 2008! This was a big year of transitions…Gabe and Zandra had to switch schools too.

2009 (Sam started Junior Kindergarten):

2010 (Gabe changed schools to Middle School):

Then this year: 2011! (We had to take it on a timer this year and we have just redone the porch railings and it’s not yet painted so it doesn’t look as good – but we still have to take this picture!)

It’s going to be a great year.

But I’m a little sad that they are growing up so quickly:( How do you stop that?


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