Kind, True and "Necessary"?

I passed on a nugget of wisdom to the kids that I learned.

A friend relayed how when he was younger, his parents taught him to only say things that were “Kind, True and Necessary” (KTN). If it’s missing one criteria, then they need to think twice about saying it. Especially if it is not nice – then they really need to check with a parent(s) before saying it….

I loved it! So, I told the kids they need to start doing this. KTN or don’t say it.

Much to our surprise, we were told we needed to start doing it too!

Rob and I tend to be pretty affectionate with each other – much to the kid’s dismay. We are also pretty expressive – again, much to the kid’s dismay. We actually do it sometimes to bug them:) “Gross” is what their usual reaction is. Rob does this little “tiger sound” (hard to describe – but the kids know EXACTLY what I’m talking about) to me that drives them absolutely crazy (so he does it more often and it has become a joke around here).

So, after explaining “KTN”, and after “lecturing” them on the need to think of these initials, Gabe retorted: “You guys – it may be kind, it may be true but it is TOTALLY UNNECESSARY for us to have to listen to you and your tiger sounds and all your “love” talk”.

Now, every time we HINT at affection or Rob makes his crazy tiger sound – they are all yelling “Not Necessary”. Yet, kind and true:)

Pretty cute.

It’s not going to stop us though.

Love you Robbie McHottie!

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