Candy/Chocolate Posters

I do love traditions, but I think I have created a monster.

Or five of them.

Josh is a February baby. For his 8th birthday this past year, he didn’t know what he wanted since we had just had Christmas. He asked for an “I owe you gift card” from us so he could wait until he wanted something in particular. He had already received a hockey jersey and another soccer shirt from his (sets of) grandparents, so didn’t know what he wanted from us (of course later on in the year he just wanted another soccer jersey). I felt bad giving him nothing, so I made a cute little coupon for him to trade in for a gift at any time and I made him giant “Candy/Chocolate Poster”.

I had done one of these posters years ago for my sister when I was a teenager, and I figured it would be a hit. I know it’s actually not politically correct in the age of “no sugar, everything healthy”, so to some I’m sure I was a terrible Mom.

To Josh, I rocked.

He was thrilled. And I mean THRILLED. He carefully selected a chocolate every couple of days and it lasted quite a while (which is amazing for him -he inhales stuff he likes). He told me it was the best birthday gift he ever received!

Obviously, all the other kids said they wanted one for their birthdays too.

But of course, as I said, I am a terrible Mom/Smom.

I totally forgot! No one else got one.

Now, I could just say Josh got one because he is my favorite child. They’ve all heard that line before. However, they all remembered about 6 weeks ago that they had been “ripped off”. And since they all know THEY are my favorite child, THEY all expected one. Otherwise, it is not fair (and they all know how I feel about fairness). Remember CDF: Charity, Determination and Fairness.

So the past 6 weeks, I have been making candy/chocolate posters (one at a time so they all have the chance to be “special” ) and sneaking them into their rooms when they are asleep or away so that they have a surprise waiting for them.

Zach was first:

Then Gabe:

I started getting more creative and used more varities of candy and not just chocolate (Josh informs me he somehow got ripped off because he likes candy better than chocolate and his poster was all chocolate. Cry me a river).

The other night at FHE, Sam was conducting. We were reviewing “family business”: dicussing Rob’s upcoming business trip, who had what activity when, who had tests etc.,when right at the end, Sam put his hands on his hips, turned to me and said “And when am I getting my choocolate card”? It was very cute.

He also was sooooo happy to get it (the next day:)

Zandra was the last one to receieve it. Better late than never!

Now I’m safe until the next birthday – which is full circle to Josh.

So another tradition has been born. I’m sure the kids are NOT going to let this one get away.

Tonight, Josh turned to me and asked me if I was going to make a candy/chocolate poster for Rob. I said I wasn’t sure, but that he would probably like it.

Josh then sweetly said, “He should make one for you. You deserve it”.

Melt my heart. That’s all the candy I need.


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