Cross Country

Every year for the past 5 years I have attended the kid’s Cross Country Meet.

It is usually a fun day – waiting with them at the start line, giving them pep talks, then cheering them on as they start, and the biggest cheer when they finish. And that is the whole point…to finish. It actually is a hard race : they start running on the beach, and then make their way to the boardwalk. It is very cool to watch all these kids take off from the finish line together and then cheer them all on.

Zandra, Josh and Sam competed this year. Zach decided to skip this year. It was a great day. This year Rob was away so I was taking pictures and texting him to tell him how everyone did.

Here are a few pics:

Josh came in 19th place (of about 250) so he will continue on to the next round.

We were so proud of how everyone did and the effort they put in. Great job guys!

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