Quote of the Week

“A vision without a plan is a hallucination”.

Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge planner.

Huge planner.

I get made fun of as I plan so much and often times, way ahead of time.

I also believe that “Hoping for the best is not a plan”.

So, why I may be criticized or poked fun of for being a planner, everyone around me seems to enjoy my “planning”.

I plan our meals once a month, and have them all written on the black board in the kitchen two weeks at a time.

I plan my work schedules at least 2-3 weeks in advance.

I plan birthday parties, holiday parties and celebrations weeks to months in advance.

I plan our vacations months to years in advance.

I plan our future savings, kid’s education, and retirement now.

When I say “I”, I have to say, I am the one who writes it all down, and the one who pushes the topic. But I do consult “all parties” in advance to know what “I” need to plan to achieve our mutual goals.

For example, a few years ago, we as a family discussed vacations we would like to take in the future. We talked about some weekend getaways, some summer vacations and then some HUGE “trip of a lifetime” kind of deals. We talked about it, and now I make the plan to try to accomplish them. So far, we are right on track.

For our retirement, Rob and I are constantly discussing what we would like to do. Yes, it is in the way future, but if you are planning properly, you need to start now!

Why plan?

Because without it, things often don’t happen.

Because planning allows you to have the peace of mind that what is really important to you is taken care of.

Because planning allows more spontaneity. You can be as spontaneous as you want because you don’t have to worry that the spontaneity is sacrificing something else.

Because planning builds traditions and routine, which is how people (especially kids) derive security.

Because planning can build anticipation for special things – which increases the overall enjoyment.

Because planning alleviates stress caused by last minute disasters.

Because planning makes sure everyone’s needs are considered.

Because planning may take time up front, but saves time later.

Because planning can make dreams – even big ones – possible.

All that being said, planning can also be flexible; you can change plans, make a new plan or throw a plan out the window. Planning does not lock you down to something you no longer want!

I think some people get scared to plan as they think it is “too planned”.

But, I love to plan. And will continue to do so.

That being said, life doesn’t always work out according to our plans.

But that’s ok, because I have a plan for that too,

Make a new plan based on the new circumstances.

See, planning works every time.

Stop hallucinating, and make your plan.

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