Quote of the week

“Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid”.
– A. Einstein

I thought this quote was pretty appropriate for our family this week. Everyone seems to be trying out for different things: soccer, baseball, strings etc. and obviously some make it, and some don’t.

I stuggle with celebrating with the ones who make it and feeling sad for those who don’t. I want everyone to make everything, but I know that is not good for anybody. You have to get rejected from some things, so that you can try out for others. Who knows what “the” thing is going to be – or if there is even “the” thing for each child. Maybe some of the kids are just meant to do a whole bunch of things.

I think of myself. I was never a super star at anything really. I was ok at at a few things, but I was never the “star” or “expert” in anything and I was ok with that.

I want my kids to be ok with that too – if that is who they are.

I’m so proud of them if they make the team or not. If they are experts or novice. If they have A’s or B’s (note kids: A’s or B’s…don’t try to slip a C in there:) – although I actually look at the comments on the report cards too and am so proud of any real effort they put into anything. I am proud whether they sing off key or are a rock star. Whether they have a ton of friends, or one good buddy. Whether they come in first or last – as long as they finish the race.

They will need to find their spot in life. They will need to figure out what makes them tick, what makes them thrilled, what special extra gifts they have been given. They are all genius’. They just need to figure that out and have confidence to shine – in one thing in particular, or in many little ways.

Either way, I’m a very proud Mom/Smom and so excited to see who they are becoming.

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