D is for Determination

Determination is the next word in our motto.


Well, determination is one of the greatest assets we can possess. It is the value that can help bring out the best in us. It helps us build self confidence and become independent. It helps us endure to the end, to defeat discouragement, overcome obstacles, move on from failure. It helps us develop patience, build our character and and feeds our faith. It pushes us to be hard working and always put our best effort forward. It encourages us to try to become the best we can possibly be. It helps us reach for the stars! And to rise each time we fall.

Determination helps us set goals, prioritize our time, meet our commitments, manage our expectation, keep our promises and become a reliable, dependable and faithful person. It fosters a passionate and courageous spirit and a desire to be curious and adventurous.

If we look in the dictionary, these are the synonyms you find for Determination:

assurance; bravery; boldness; constancy; decision; dedication; drive; energy; guts; firmness; fearlessness; independence; perseverance; persitence; putpose; resolution; spine; spunk; steadfastness; self confidence; ; tenacity; valor; and willpower

I think those words sum up why Determination is the second word in our motto.


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