Draw a circle around yourself because that is where you are meant to be

As much as I think “looking to do better” is important as I discussed here, I wanted to take a minute to talk about “being happy where you are” too.

I don’t know where I heard it, but I remember hearing “Draw a circle around yourself because that is where you are meant to be at this time”.

It struck me profoundly at the time as I guess I was questioning what I was doing in the spot I was in.

Now I think of it not only when I am questioning “why” about circumstances, but also when I want to remember to “be there” and enjoy the absolute present.

As much as I think it is important to always be striving for our best, I think we need to be paying just as much attention to accepting exactly who we are now.

They say when we fall in love, we need to make sure we fall in love with exactly the person in front of us, and not the person we think the person has the potential of being.

That goes for falling in love with ourselves too.

We need to love ourselves at this exact moment: with this hairstyle, with this weight, doing this job, making this amount of money, with this personality, with these strengths and these weaknesses, with these friends, with this family. We need to just accept things for being the way they are.

And we need to try to be accepting of everyone around us.

This may seem to go against the “Expectations” post I just wrote. It seems expectations are always pushing someone to change. While we may want to push people to develop their full potential, we need to also celebrate exactly who they are and what they are now. It’s not the outcome we need to accept. It is the process.

At times, we will be stagnant and need a push. That is ok. At times we may be in a great spot and don’t need to change a thing. That is ok too. At times we may feel disappointment or hurt, and that is fine.

Accepting our circumstances doesn’t mean not striving to do better. It just means not waiting for ourselves to be better before we accept ourselves.

Accept that we are a work in progress and are on a lifelong journey. We need to just enjoy every step along the way in that journey.

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