The kids carved their pumpkins on Saturday, and the house got decorated.

Sam and I made his “Surprise Dinner” on Sunday night: Calamari, honey mustard pork, spinach salad and a yummy “orange and chocolate cake”. He did a great job icing:

Monday was the traditional school Halloween parade where the kids walk through the neighborhood. Rob’s parents joined me for this parade. It is so cute to see all 700 kids and teachers all dressed up!

We had some cuties in our house.

We had Sam, the Fighter Pilot:

We had Josh, The Robber (his teacher told me she thought the mask “suited him”. Not sure what that meant…)

We had Zach, The Clown. He was devastasted when he came home for lunch to get his make up done and found Rob was not home as he had to go to a last minute important work meeting. Rob is our face painter around here. But, I think I did a decent job anyways! (I got the approval from Zach later on).

(love the hands in the pocket!)

Zandra, was Miss 80’s girl…the neon and the pink highlights!

Gabe, was a Delta Pilot. He actually wore his “costume” to church on Sunday!! So handsome:) This will likely be his last year (hitting that age…)

They all went trick or treating and got a lot of loot!

Then they “traded” their loot with each other, and gave me the Licorice Nibs and Tootsie Rolls. Yum. I munched some of their chocolate too, then felt sick and regretted it. (Only to do it tomorrow night too)! Ahh, the Halloween cycle!

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