Quote of the Week

“Music is what feelings sound like”.

I thought of this quote as Rob pulled out the Christmas CD’s this weekend. Actually, he bought a new one and has been playing it on and off. It really does get you in the Christmasy mood.

Rob loves music.

I love it too, but in a different way.

I have a hard time having “background” music. I find it sounds like noise. I need to be really listening to it.

So, he’ll often put some music on right before dinner (to have a little background music), and then I usually go turn it off (or very low) as I’m sitting down to dinner. It always makes him laugh because I’m so predictable.

I like it when that’s what I am doing: listening to music. But I’m not good at having good conversation with background music. And to me, dinner time is for good conversation.

But that is not to say that I don’t fully appreciate and love music. I do. Very much so.

Last year in fact, for my Christmas present, Rob made me a CD with a whole bunch of his favorite songs. He also included drawings to go with most of the songs – quite incredible. Talented man:)

I loved the gift – because music is really what feelings sound like – and I love that he gave me a gift of his feelings.

Whenever you are not sure how you feel, just listen to what you are listening to and you’ll have a pretty good idea of how you really feel.

More importantly, whenever you want to feel a certain way, go put on that “feeling” in music and sure enough, you’ll be feeling that way in no time.

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