The Polar Express

Zach and I watched “The Polar Express” the other night.

I hadn’t seen it in a couple of years – and I had really forgotten what it was about. It’s kinda cute! It’s fun to watch these movies as the kids are getting older, as they have different perspectives.

Last night when I was saying good night to Zach, he informed me that on Christmas Eve he was going to sleep wearing socks, pajama bottoms and a nice sleep t-shirt. I was curious as to why?

“Because the carpet downstairs in the living room is really scratchy – so when I wake up on Christmas morning, I’ll be comfortable”.

I do have to agree. The carpet is a bit scratchy. But I pressed him, because I sensed there was more….

“And just in case the Polar Express comes by on Christmas eve for you too”? I asked.

“Exactly” he said, “Imagine going out on the Polar Express without any socks and proper Pajamas”!

Tonight, he suggested that each child in our family do the same:

“Everyone should wear socks and nice pajamas on Christmas Eve. Just in case the Polar Express comes by”.

Got to hand it to Zach, he’s a planner.

Christmas is so magical.

I hope The Polar Express does come by to get him on Christmas Eve.

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