2011 Year at a Glance

Last January I started a little tradition of taking a snapshot of our daily life….the blog and pictures cover some of the big year highlights like birthdays, holidays and vacations, but this is to capture our everyday moments – you know, the real life stuff:

Gilmore Girls is one of our favorite shows to watch right now as a family. The kids all loved stealing their idea of the “tons of treats” for movie nights.

Sleepovers in the basement are still a regular occurence and the kids love them.

Continue to enjoy watching Brady Bunch (we have all seasons), Happy Days, Gilligan’s Island and Magnum PI (that’s what happens when you take a long road trip – you watch a lot of shows!)

Swimming lessons continues, and everyone took soccer. Josh and Zach continued taking it in the fall too.

Tennis for everyone; often go play at some local public courts.

Started a traditional “Kick off the summer picnic” with a secret menu.

Lots of boating; kids even jumped into the lake with our summer guests Roland and Chandra.

Started leaving the kids home alone with Gabe as a sitter.

Still trying to do pegs (no one changes them though) – but everyone seems to get everything done anyways.

Blackboard of menus in our kitchen… Kids like changing some of the names of meals: Mexican chili is forever Mexican Sam!

Everyone still needs reminding for zones; but everyone helps out with other chores too.

We are nanny less since April. Rob does most of the pickup – we both drop off.

Since September, the kids are able to come here before and after school now on their Mom’s days.

Finished “I am David”, “Three Cups of Tea” and now working on “Diary of Anne Frank”. Hard to read consistently. Only read these books when all kids are here.

Did traditional Valentine steak and poutine dinner. Kids loved their albums. Also loved the heart sticky notes all over the kitchen with the things we love most about them written on the notes.

Zandra and I do hair and use a lot more hair spray.

Boys played lots of street hockey with Rob.

Early morming bike rides or runs.

Electronic free Sunday is a success! Except for watching some really good inspirational movies together (and have found some great ones!)

Boys love playing mini sticks upstairs. The chips in paint on the stair banister not so much but I need to rElAx!!

Still do Lucky winner with Zach. Everyone has their own little bed routine! Barbaloots are still around, reading journals, and big kids negotiated a later bedtime. “Go to sleep you weary hobo” is a new fave.

Made a book out of my “Adventures of the CDF’s” blog for our family.

Sunday surprise dinners are still a hit. Have had some gourmet ones (including dessert).

Lots of baking in the winter: buns, butterhorns and cupcakes were favorites.

Christmas baking and plates for friends and neighbors… Yum

Date lunches and dinners with kids. Detroit Eatery sure likes us!

Date nights for Rob and I. Sushi, Relish, Messini, Aji Sai, Family Thai, Burgers Priest, Giorgio’s, and hot dogs behind Canadia Tire are some faves!

Troy Dunn or John Bytheway on the way to church still.

Scriptures in the morning before school.

Quote of the week working out great! Kids have quoted them back several times!

Month of December have all the quotes up in the kitchen!

Value of the Month introduced successfully.

Family night continues with same routine: Zone 5 conducts: Business or lesson. Give said the little stream is a standard.

CDF motto reinforced.

Skiing: Horseshoe or Hidden Valley (Family Day Long weekend). Loved the night skiing and the terrain park!

Taste of the Danforth for gyros. Older 3 kids doing lunch on the Danforth on their own!

Soccer ruining the grass in the front and backyard.

Mike the artist lessons occasionally on Sunday.

Soccer games always on TV.

Video games…. for ALL the boys.

Carrot died in February. He is sadly missed.

Josh baptized in April.

Kids in lots of school activities (intramural, art club, drama club, choir, rugby, violin).

Musical instruments introduced: violin and guitar.

Scandinave for us to relax! Valentine’s at the Le Germaine and found a great new Chinese place!

New computers: Mac all around!

New camera = lots of video!

Slowly getting everyone new bedding and getting the rooms all decorated.

Kids watching i-Carly, Everybody Loves Chris, Good luck Charlie, Phineas and Ferb. They really want the Simpsons, but we don’t permit it over here…

Tennis camp, Skateboard camp, Soccer camp.

Horsey Brown.

Dominican Republic, Outerbanks, cottage.

Italy. Rob 40. Spa day when we got home!

Writing writing writing…a couple of articles on Power of Moms.

Robbie got a new car.

Dancing in the living room or at Club Zach ( Aunti Jenn taught them some moves to break their necks!)

Candy posters.

The Amazing race = amazing proposal = amazing ring = amazing husband

That’s a lot of little things that make up our everyday life!!

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