It’s a Wrap

Well the holiday festivities are done!

Just a little recap:
We had a great Christmas eve. Zach and Zandra read their Christmas alphabet that they wrote last year. We read “Teach the Children”.
Then we re-enacted the Nativity. It was great. The kids had a fun time doing it:

Everyone was then sent upstairs to get their PJ’s on and to wait for the bell. They came zooming down and we opened the gift from family.
Afterwards, we feasted on our Christmas Eve buffet.

With cookies and milk left for Santa, everyone retired.

Christmas morning was greeted at 7am. Stockings opened, Santa gifts revealed, then another big feast for Christmas breakfast, including cinnamon buns, wifesaver and toast, cheese and sugar. Of course chocolate milk too! The rest of the day was low key. Zach and Josh left for their Dad’s mid morning and the rest of us hung out and played with new stuff.

Here’s a glimpse of Christmas Eve and Night

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