Quiet Elfie

Quiet Elfie has made his appearance.

Let me introduce him. He is a little elf that we got on our first Christmas together as the CDF’s. We actually bought him in a box, then you read a story about him and then you name him. We called our little guy “Quiet Elfie”. Once you give him a name, he turns magic.

Every day he hides in a spot around the house and the kids have to find him. He also brings chocolates and leaves them in our advent calendar. He also brings a gift or two for the month of December. In the past it has been Christmas movies. He watches every move the kids make because at night, he returns to the North Pole and gives a full report to Santa on their behaviour – Naughty or Nice. You can also talk to him, but there is no touching. If you touch, he loses his magic.

One year, in secret, Josh told him he wanted a elf hat. He was so happy when one showed up in his stocking. Quiet Elfie actually listened! The kids love telling him their secrets.

They also love finding him as he hides in a different spot every day when he comes back from the North Pole. One year he was hanging in our big maple tree outside! Often he is hanging from chandeliers and up in corners of walls.

This year however he caused quite a stir as he didn’t show up on December 1st. He left a note (and luckily sent the chocolates anyhow). Apparently he was having transportation issues??? See his note (it’s a little crinkled):

But then he arrived the very next day – in all his glory. On “Horsey Brown” no less.

He explained in his note:

He brought Season two of Magnum PI for everyone too. Odd choice for an elf.
Now we have a giant rocking horse to take care of too. Josh was thrilled as “Horsey Brown” had been on his Christmas list as I mentioned back here. He is actually using him:

The kids finally found Quiet Elfie hanging out in the kitchen.

Now the search begins every morning. The kids sure love the chocolates he leaves every morning in the advent calendar too. He’ll be watching and reporting every night….

This where we found him this morning:

Welcome back Quiet Elfie!!!

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