Quote of the Week from my skids!

“Don’t criticize the joy in people

“Don’t criticize what you’re not doing”

I have a couple of brilliant children on my hands.

We were missing a few people for dinner tonight (minus Rob at a work function and Zach and Josh at their Dad’s) and were discussing something I had seen posted on facebook. (It was an unusual Monday night for us as we rarely are not all together on Mondays:( )

We were talking about how some people who “do nothing” tend to criticize people who “do something”. They criticize how people don’t do something “properly” or the way “they would do it”, but they do nothing themselves except criticize!

Or the irony behind criticizing people for being judgmental when that is a judgment in itself.

Gabe noted how sometimes we do things that we find joy in, only to have someone criticize how we find that joy. He concluded that it was their issue and their loss as they are the ones who are missing out on the joy. Misery likes company I guess. If you can’t be joyful, then you might as well criticize and put down those who can.

Zandra subsequently pointed out how it is easy to criticize something someone else does – but often you are not doing anything to contribute, counter it or reach out yourself.

So I guess, my brilliant skids have some great words of wisdom: Keep your criticisms to yourself. If you are criticizing others or the way they do things, or what their beliefs are, you are only reflecting your own true character – not their’s.

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