Quotes of the Year

We started doing “Quote of the Week” this year and it has been a great success!

Every week Rob or I come up with a meaningful quote. Sometimes the kids find one (or make one:) too. I write it on a card, then on the back, write the kids a little note about the quote. Usually it’s my interpretation of what the quote means, or some feelings about the topic, some advice, or just some thoughts in general.

The quote gets read at Family Night, and then discussed. We then put it up on the bulletin board in the kitchen. It stays on there for two weeks (we always have two quotes up there).

In December we decided to put up all the quotes from the year in the kitchen:

We decided to each choose our favorite quote and identified it by putting our initials on the corner.

Rob’s was this.
Mine was this and “Find explanations in charity” and “Come what may and love it”.
Gabe’s was this.
Zandra’s was this.
Zach’s was this and “Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire”.
Josh and Sam both chose this.

(We started quote of the week before I started blogging about them so I don’t have links for each one).

What I love most about the quotes is how they get us to talk about things that we might never ordinarily talk about. We talk about beliefs, theories, values, character traits, trials, and life in general. I have heard the kids use the quotes at other times too, quoting them in stories, or relating experiences to them. It has really been a source of inspiration to everyone on a daily basis.

Looking forward to a whole year of new quotes!

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