Robbie’s Christmas Eve Wrap Up

Christmas 2011

Another year and we’re at the Holiday cheer!

From fun in the sun in the Dominican

To cool in the pool in Montreal, to cottage riding and Josh baptized in front of us all

We’ve travelled and ravelled and increasingly became one

From homework routines to Mexican Sam; Gilmore Girls and little trams (SF)

We travelled to Italy as I turned Forty, giants lemons and much amore

To the South to visit the North (Carolina), Swam with the sharks back and forth

Drove on a beach, saw quite the horse! Fresh crabs at the bay the only way!

Fall came again and school to our little friends, playground fun…some Principal runs

Great the achievements from the field to the track…never look back!

Strings in our house, the guitar and violin, such brave parents we are it’s almost a sin

We are all growing new and fresh for the year, happy and healthy and full of good cheer

So with that I say our evening is coming to a close, Santa on his way with his big red nose

Off to the sunset we ride again, horsey brown underneath us, our animatronic friend!

Merry Christmas!

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