Trim the Tree (s)

Off we went yesterday to get our tree.

I got the kids some new Santa hats as their old ones were getting a bit raggedy.

They pulled out the wagon and spent a good 20 minutes outside, running around dangerously with that thing, but having a great time, while I tidied up after our traditional “decorate sugar cookies” morning.

(after clearly eating a few)

We then headed down the road to a local Church that sells Christmas trees. The kids looked so cute! It was like a Santa train.

While there, we searched for the perfect tree.

Well, Rob and I searched.

The kids got hooked onto an idea that they wanted their own little “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree to put in Zach and Gabe’s room.

Zach and Gabe share the top third loft floor of our house. We call it their bachelor pad, or the penthouse suite. The kids often all play up their together. They even run a little nightclub up there from time to time called “Club Zach” (it’s quite fun – you have to get a VIP pass to attend).

So they wanted their own tree for up there.

After trying to figure out if they could afford it all together (which made me appreciate how seriously they are taking money – so of course we were more than happy to reward them by buying it for them this time), they settled on a tiny little tree.

We settled on a beautiful, big tree.

We piled into our wagon and headed home.

We got it up with little problem.

The kids had a few mishaps with their little tree though:( (Although I do have a very funny video of me videoing as their tree fell and I screamed!!)

We decorated the tree together (the kids then decorated their own tree with the leftover ornaments).

Every year we give the kids a new, personalized ornament on Christmas Eve. Then, the next year, I lay out their “pile” of ornaments and they each hang their own on the tree. We don’t have a lot of generic ornaments anymore because everyone’s pile is getting big. (The kids will take their own pile when they leave home:)) Rob and I have our own pile too.

Rob always does an outstanding job with the lights – both on the tree and outside the house. We use white lights only – they remind me of little stars. (However, much to the dismay of some of our kids who think coloured lights are more fun and bright).

Then, we put Christmas music on, sing some carols, light a fire, sip some cocoa, and stare at the beautiful, twinkling Christmas tree.

Right. I wish.

Once up, I force the kids to pose for the annual Christmas tree picture.(At least they often want a shot on their own cameras too) before they race off to get back to doing whatever they want to go do.

But late at night Rob and I curl up in our cozy blankets, put some Christmas music on and do sit and marvel at the beautiful, twinkling Christmas tree.

Christmas is pretty magical.

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