Art Day: Dreams

Josh came to me on Saturday and asked if we could do our art day ( from our family bucket list described here) on Sunday afternoon.

This was pretty good timing since I was all excited to start my new project: my art journal. (You can get more details here if you want to do your own). I figured maybe they could start lesson 1 with me since I felt a little hesitant to start it! . It could boost my confidence a bit.

So we did.

And it was so fun!

The first assignment was to capture your dreams: what do you daydream about, what are your dreams for the future ? We were to use lots of layers and textures to create our dream page.

I spread out a whole bunch of different papers and materials that I had, stickers, cut outs and pens and we all created away.

Everyone was quite engrossed in their work and really created their own, unique, imaginative piece.

Then we shared our creations with each other. It was really cool to see how many dreams we all had that are similar (to travel a lot) and then the differences too.

So far we are going to have two pilots, and two professional soccer players and an artist/dancer/ teacher. At least we have pilots to take us where we are traveling, obviously to watch the professional soccer players and see the art and dance shows!

It was also really nice how family was highlighted for each of us – our family now and our future family.

It was also amazing for me to see how many ideas flow so freely once you get started. I’m actually excited to start the next project – and I’m guaranteed to have some joiners for future projects too! I know the kids will be asking for art day again soon!


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