Best 10’s: Why I Love Winter

You’d think after living in Eastern Canada my entire life that I would be used to winter.

But I’m not.

I hate the freezing cold. HATE IT.

I hate driving in bad conditions too.

I hate the darkness that starts early in the day and continues well past when I need to get up.

BUT. Since winter is my everyday reality – and every year reality (until I retire to somewhere warm *sigh*) – I better really work on falling in love with winter.

Best way to do that? Focus on what I do love:

1. Fresh fallen snow, hanging off some branches.

I had taken a great picture of that a couple of weeks ago after our first (and very late I might add) snowfall and somehow it got deleted. Zach had pointed it out (I love the fact that he is very observant about beauty in nature). So, here is one of my old street that I took a couple of years ago. Snow is really pretty.

2. The sound of snow being shovelled.

I love hearing the scraping of a snow shovel on the ground.

3. Riding the ski lift

I love the conversations we have on the ski lift. And we all get to enjoy nature as well:) Rob laughs because it appears I love the ski lift better than skiing! I don’t. I don’t think at least. Maybe.

This was taken on our last ski day.

4. Hot chocolate and marshmellows after being outside in the cold.

Especially in my hot new hot chocolate machine.

5. Winter fires and cozy blankets (ok and snuggling up with my honey).

6. Playing with the kids outside.

The nice thing about winter is that you really do get to be a kid again. Getting all bundled up, going skating,tobagganning, snow ball fights. A way to connect with your inner child!

This photo was our first New Year’s Day – and snowball fight together. They look so little!

7. The winter sky

You know when the sky is crazy blue, and the sun is shining and you feel all warm underneath the sunshine? Or you see how the sun shimmers off the white snow? Beautiful. Or the gorgeous sunset after a clear winter day. We caught a great one on the way home from skiing a few weeks ago:

8. The first snow fall excitement

Ok – you can probably see I’m stetching to find “my love of winter” by relying on my children’s excitement, but hey, I get a lot of joy of seeing them excited!

I love how they run to the window and are so excited when that first snowfall hits and they just want to get outside and enjoy it – even though there isn’t enough to play in! I love how they come in from the cold with snowflakes still on their lashes.

9. The winter wardrobe.

Ok – I admit it. I think I would miss my winter wardrobe if winter wasn’t around: sweaters, long sleeves, cozy pj’s, different looks with different coats, boots…. Gives a little variety.

10. My absolute favorite: planning the winter get-a-way!!!

And then of course going on it. There’s something exciting about packing your summer clothes, getting on a plane in the cold and stepping off it onto steamy pavement. That quick week in the sun, thinking about how cold it is at home, grateful that you are not having to shovel, really does energize you! Then when you return, you know spring is just around the corner…and oh how I love you spring:)

It’s fun when we get to go with the kids on our winter get-a-way (we take them away on March Break every second year), like last year:

But, having a romantic week alone is pretty spectacular too. This year…Costa Rica:)

I guess winter isn’t half bad…as long as you focus on all the good.


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