Flat line

I heard about this cool new App a few weeks ago called “Sleep Cycle”. It is supposed to keep track of how well you are sleeping: when you are in a deep sleep, when you are just asleep and when you are awake.

Rob and I have been having a bit of fun with this app – seeing who is a better sleeper:) (I really don’t know where my boys get their competitive streak from!). What we have both learned is that we are not great sleepers.

Zach and Josh wanted to join in and get this App too. They have been using it a couple of nights now.

Rob had left for work this morning before any of us were up, and before Josh showed me his graph of his sleep:

What a crazy deep sleep he was in! I’d never seen anything like that on any of the other graphs!

So, I sent Rob a text that said:

“We think Josh died last night between 3-6 am. He was almost a complete flat line”.

Ok. I guess I should have put the text in a bit more of a context for him.

He reads, “We think Josh died last night….” and starts panicking.

Luckily, he’s a smart guy and figured it out:)

He texted me back “Your text freaked me out at first!!!!”.

Ooops. Goes to show how important context is:)

Boy though, is that kid a sleeper or what??

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