Grass is Greener

I went back to work this week after enjoying some time off last week.

Today was a particularly long day, and as I was sitting at my desk, writing some notes, I was listening to Zach gab about his day. I stopped writing, leaned back in my chair, sighed and said “I wish I were a stay at home Mom so I wouldn’t miss all that”.

He started massaging my shoulders (sweetie!) and sighed right back, “I wish I were a stay at home kid”.

He cracks me up.

But I was thinking today, as I was walking into my last appointment how I wish I didn’t have to work – or at least work as much as I do.

Then, I caught myself. I was visiting a woman who was desperate to go back to work, desperate to walk again, desperate to have her memory back, desperate to not have a brain injury.

What the heck do I ever have to complain about? It’s a priviledge for me to be walking into her home, helping her in the ways I can, and then return home to my crazy-fun-loving-healthy-happy home.

It’s a priviledge that my work allows me to serve others and helps me remember to count my blessings.

I just need to remind myself of that when I am missing being home with my kids (and remember that if I was at home with my kids they would likely be driving me crazy and I would be craving that time to go be on my own working!!).

Grass is always greener. Need to appreciate the yard you are given!

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