Quote of the Week

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow”
– Einstein

I thought this was a nice quote to start the new year off.

It’s always fun thinking back about the past year, like I did here. Thinking about the good and the bad. What you want to do again, what you never want to do again. As my children are growing, I do find myself drawn to watching the old videos, looking through the photo albums and thinking fondly of those times…. When did they become these big kids?

And then I do find myself thinking about (and planning) the future: Are we teaching the kids what they need to know? Will we be able to squeeze in all the experiences we want to have with them before they get “too old”? Will we be able to achieve our goals and ambitions? Will everyone be healthy, happy and feel loved as they get older?

Then there is the present. Now. This is when “the past” is formed, and when the “future” is unfolded. It really is the most important time.

Last year, my goal was to “Be There”. To be more present in our daily lives. To enjoy the moment. It is something I really struggle with. The hamsters on the wheel in my mind are always spinning with something that needs to get done next….

I wish I could say that this year I have a new mantra because I was so successful last year. But I don’t.

This year, my main focus, again, is to “Be There”. Enjoy those little moments. I’m planning on taking more pics and recording more on this little blog – as it really does help me be “deliberate in the moment”.

Must run – the present needs me.

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