Best 10’s: Back to Running

We have had such a mild winter – which has been so nice in some ways. This morning it looked like a beautiful spring morning, and I knew I could no longer hide behind the “frigid winter, too much snow” on the ground reasons I give for not running outside in the winter.

My usual routine – every year it seems – is that come spring, I gear up for running. I run run run and get into a good groove, and then summer vacation hits. That usually throws me off – even though when we are on vacation I usually am very good at running – I love getting up to see the sunrise and it’s the perfect time of day to run! But somehow, my groove gets thrown off. Then fall rolls around and is pretty hit and miss, with so much to do to get back to routine. Then it gets cold. And dark. And cold. And I become the biggest wimp. Then I bake for Christmas, enjoy the holidays a bit too much, feel like crap, and then alas, time to go running again. It’s usually too cold, so I do some indoor stuff and wait until March to get back out there.

Except this year – our February is more like March. No excuses. Time to start runnng again.

So, this morning, I layered up (it’s still a bit chilly), dragged Rob out of bed (I have to drag him out of bed, but once we are running he is the one dragging me) and we hit our usual route.

My top 10 reasons to get back to running:

1) Once you get going, it feels so great to be out in the fresh air!

2)Get rid of that muffin top that keeps me warm in the winter – but makes me feel like all my clothes are just a little too tight:(

3) So I can feel good in these cute new swimsuits I just bought when we head for Costa Rica in March.

4) To think and daydream (when I run alone)

5) To listen to some uninterrupted music (when I am alone). I like it blasting in my ears (I know, I know, not good for my ears).

6) To talk my husband’s ear off when I run with him, or have my ear talked off when one of my kid’s run with me.

7) To eat better (I eat better when I know how hard I have worked running).

8) To look more closely at my surroundings and appreciate the beauty everywhere: I love how the sun rays peak through buildings, how the city looks when no one is up, how quiet the streets are, how blue the sky is….

9) To have more energy (at first I’m always so drained…need to remember that) but then I feel good.

10) Boost in my self confidence. Feels so good when I challenge myself and then achieve the challenge. I’m more of a leisure runner – but this year I said I would do a 5K – only so I can then push myself a little harder to do a 10k:) Baby steps.

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