Best 10’s: Dates

I often like to put on the rosy lenses when I talk about my life.

Especially when it comes to everything surrounding divorce. The other day one of my younger clients was asking me about things I do with my husband, and I was sharing with her how we have a weekly date, we travel at least one time per year without our children, and we spend a lot of time together.

She stated, “When I grow up I want to be divorced with kids just like you”.

Ummm. Ok. Problem.

Although I love my life, it is really because I choose to focus on the amazing parts my life brings. I don’t like to dwell on the stuff that breaks my heart, that I shared here. And that stuff, truly and honestly, sucks. On a daily basis. BUT. I choose to dwell on the good instead of being sucked into the bad.

So I quickly clarified this with my client:)

But in light of it being Valentine’s week, and in light of how blessed I truly am to be with an amazing man, I thought I’d share my top 10 favourite best dates. It was hard to narrow them down to 10. We have a standing Wednesday night date night each week, and then get to also share every second Friday night and Saturday together. I know, I know, sounds heavenly -and it is – but don’t forget the other side of the coin that I minimize by choice and for survival!

I must say, for a marriage, spending this “alone time” is vital. A weekly date (or at least bi-weekly date), a trip alone here and there should be mandatory.

And yes, you can say “easy for me to say since I am divorced and have the “luxury” of having free time” but many, many parents are able to do it without the “divorce bliss”. IF it is a priority. And shouldn’t your marriage be a priority?

I think the divorce rate tells us so.

My parents, for example, often had date nights, and always, always went away for a week by themselves every year. EVERY YEAR. And they had 3 kids – including a special needs child!

So, no excuses! Get out there and date and woo your spouse!

Our top 10 best dates:

1)Biking on the bike trails – followed by sushi (Our 3rd date…but something we often still do and I love – except sometimes followed by brunch:)

2) Tennis followed by Indian (Our 4th date… tennis is something we still often do – but not always followed by food:)

3) Picnic on the beach. The best was the Amazing Race picnic of course – that I talked about here.

4) Seeing Eat Pray Love, followed by Giorgio’s across the street. Something about that movie, followed by an Italian feast!

5) Le Germaine Hotel, followed by The Chinese Place! (Well, every Valentine’s for that matter!)

hmmm…. starting to see a pattern….we always need food:)

6) Patisserie Daniel et Daniel – movie – Queen Mother – movie – Ki

7) Burger’s Priest picnic or Canadia Tire Hot Dogs (everyday little pleasures)

8) Boat days: lounging and reading. Heavenly!

9) Movie Days at home (in bed is the best!)

10)Fire, blankets, sleep in front of the tree

Just a few favourites to always remember – and try to top!

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