Best 10’s School Age/Tween/Teens

I had dinner the other night with a few friends who have younger kids. Sometimes I now sit and listen to them talk about the sleep deprivation, the early mornings, the temper tantrums, the worry about day care, the worry about milestones; then of course I hear the excitement over a new tooth, a first word, a new discovery. All things that made that time so extra special. However, it feels a million miles away.

Sometimes, I miss it. And I think back longingly to those special times never to be seen again unless replayed in my memory.

But I don’t miss it that much. Not because it wasn’t amazing, and not because it was hard (which it was). I don’t miss it because you can’t really miss something that much when you are so in love with the stage you are in now.

I loved having babies, and toddlers, and preschoolers and all the wonders that go along with the little guys.

But I am loving having school age kids, tweens, and a teen.

Every stage is just so good.

My top 10 fave things about having school age/tween/teens:

1. The books we read together are really interesting to read, and stir up good conversation.

2. We enjoy watching some of the same shows and movies. They still love family movie nights!

3. You can sit down and explain things to them – and they get it! You can see their reasoning, critical thinking and logic skills kick in.

4. They still value your opinion and ask you for it.

5. They are sponges – and soak everything up.

6. They still want to lie with you at night at bedtime and debrief, or cuddle (or have you tickle their back). They will still tickle your back, or play with your hair or share inside jokes and memories.

7. They still have an innocence about them. They are still wildly imaginative and creative.

8. They still give spontaneous hugs and kisses or will dance around the room with you.

9. They are big dreamers. It is so fun to dream with them and share their passions and enthusiasm.

10. You can watch them develop and unfold and grow right before your very eyes. It is so amazing to watch them develop their interests and talents. I love who they are becoming!

So as much as the baby stage was great – I love this stage. And I’m sure gonna love the next stage. Any stage my kids are in will be my favorite:)

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