Best 10’s: Ski Weekend

This past weekend was Family Day Weekend.

We also had a PA day on Friday, so took advantage of 4 days off and headed away for a ski weekend. We went back to the cottage resort we had spent March Break at a few years ago. We had a great weekend!

The highlights of the weekend were:

1) Skiing

We are finally at the stage where everyone can carry their own skis, attempt to get their boots on alone (and are usually successful) and all ski together! Makes life so much easier! We got to the ski hill, skied, had an early lunch, then skied a bit more before heading back to the cottage. We then hung out, had dinner, then went back to the hill and did some night skiing.

2) Hanging out

I love having nothing to do:) In the afternoon after skiing for a bit, we headed back to the cottage and the kids went exploring while Rob and I read or napped. In the evenings we all enjoyed watching Gilmore Girls – and then saw the first episode of the Amazing Race (our fave show:)). The kids also just played and relaxed during down time.

3) Tubing

The cottage resort had some tubing too! The first day we went, it was fun; but the second day, the hill was really icy so it was crazy!! You went whipping down the hill! I was so sure Josh or Sam were going to go flying!

4) Skating

We only went skating once – but it was nice to be out on their rink, on the side of the tube hill. There was even a little fire going on the side! The kids played skated around – it was really cute when they decided to hold hands and skate in a line!

5) Walking on the lake and building a skating rink

We went onto the frozen lake and walked for a bit. So quiet and peaceful – until the ski doers came zooming by! The kids decided to clear a patch of ice and make their own little rink. Then they slipped and slided around and we soaked up the warmth from the sun.

6) Swimming and Games Room

The hot tub is always my favorite spot, but the kids loved jumping in and out of the water. We also got to play some fooseball, ping pong, shuffle board and pool.

7) Nighttime

Starlight Starbright on a clear winter night is the best!! The sky was so filled with stars – it almost didn’t look real! Night skiing was so awesome too. No lines – felt like we owned the hill!

8) Karma

It all started when I was unloading the ski boots from the truck, swung them over my shoulder without knowing I had nailed Zach right in the nose. I turned around to see him leaning over with blood dripping out and covering the snow. I felt so bad, apologized profusely, and then sat with him while it healed.

A few hours later, while bending down to take off my own ski boots, Josh unknowingly swung his own ski boots around his shoulder, and nailed me in the head. He coursed apologized profusely and sweetly, but then smirkly said “I guess that’s karma”! (He actually claims Zach said this!)

Fast forward a couple of hours later, Josh slipped and fell on the ice and banged his knee. In his usual, dramatic fashion (he’s truly an dramatic Italian soccer player!)he was crying and in some pain, so I went over to comfort him. I rubbed it, and gave him words of comfort, and then slipped in, “I guess this would be a bad time to say ‘karma'”. Josh broke out and started laughing. The pain was forgotten.

Karma. Gotta love it!

9) Music and Dancing for Popcorn and cotton candy

The kids listened to the same songs over and over in the car! So now our weekend memories will be attached to the songs! Then at the ski hill, they were giving away popcorn and cotton candy. The kids had to dance to get it! They were so cute dancing away in their snow gear!

10) Appreciating the beauty in nature

Rob and Zach are usually the ones who draw our attention to the beauty of things. Rob went for a walk to the lake by himself at sunset one day and took some nice pics for me to enjoy! I was too tired to go with him:(

Zach is always pointing out the beauty from the chairlift – amazing the things he notices! This time, Gabe also pointed out the beauty and Zandra was my photographer of the sunset in the car on the way home! I had to take a few pics too through my rear mirror – it was really spectacular.

We had to take two cars (so much stuff and Rob had to work longer on Friday so came up sepatarately after us) and when we pulled up beside his car on the way home Zandra rolled her window down to talk to him and make sure he saw the beautiful sunset. I’m so glad to have all of them helping me not miss the beauty in every little thing!

All in all it was a hugely successful weekend!

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