Best 10’s: This past weekend

This past weekend we were invited up to our neighbor’s cottage. They have 2 children – one boy who is good friends with Josh, and a little girl. We only had the boys with us this weekend; it’s always a little weird to go somewhere without all the kids:(

However, we had a great time – and hope to do it again with all the kids! Our neighbors were such gracious hosts, the weather was perfect, their home was lovely, the kids all got along (a few minor scraps) and we enjoyed nature and the winter wonderland.

Here are the top 10 moments:

1. The gorgeous scenery

2. Tobogganing

3. Snow ball fights

The kids loved having snowball fights – we had two really good ones where the snow was perfect!

4. Man tracker

The Dads vs. The kids. Boy do they have energy!!

Clearly Zach was harder to spot since I didn’t get many pics of him!

5. Crazy dog Arthur

Speaking of energy!! This dog doesn’t stop!

6. Yummy food

7. Great conversation by the fire

It was so nice to get to know our neighbors better. They are such a great family!

8. Mini sticks

The boys, when inside, played a ton of mini sticks. Poor Arthur (their dog)wanted to play so badly too but kept chewing the ball! Mini sticks was fun, but we often had to shut them down when the competition got too fierce.

9. Watching Zach show their little girl notes on the ukulele

I wish I got a picture of this. Zach was so sweet and patient showing their little girl what he has learned in guitar – and transferred over to ukulele.

10. Falling asleep from exhaustion:)


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