Happy Birthday Mom

Well, I won’t list all the reasons why I love her according to her age like I do with the kids because she may not like that too much!

But suffice it to say, there are the same number of reasons that I love her as her age:) if not more.

So how about 1 for each decade??

1. I love how she is so in tune with what is going on in our lives and she asks about every detail of our lives – and remembers!

2.I love how she seeks out the kids one at a time to spend time with them when she visits, that she eagerly sends emails to them, and notes and cards to us all.

3. I love how she so readily supports me through tough times, and rejoices with me through good ones. I love that she has fully embraced my husband, but especially my step kids as completely her own. She is a step family’s biggest advocate – and is very protective of us!

4. I love how she always sends me articles she thinks I will like.

5. I love how she surprises me every so often, by telling me she’s going to Yoga, or watching the same TV series we are, or reading a certain book. I love how she tries to push herself a bit beyond her comfort zone.

6. I love her baking. Everyone loves her baking. I love how she takes her baking to everyone, and is always busy visiting everyone.

7. I love our 2-3 times per week phone calls. I can call her at any time on any day and she is always up for a chat.

Happy 7* Birthday Mom/Gran!!

We love and adore you!

all of us here

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