Quote of the Week

“No man has a good enough memory to make a successful liar”.
Abe Lincoln

Tell the truth. If you don’t, it always catches up to you. I know sometimes someone will tell me something, then proceed to tell me something different later on. I then ask myself, “Do they not remember they told me something different already”? Sometimes I decide to call them on it, but often I say nothing; but it leaves a mark on my mind.

We try to remind our kids that it is always better to take a consequence after telling the truth, then it is to try to avoid a consequence by lying. You may or may not get caught, but it always always always impacts your soul. And if you do get caught (cause really, no person is a good enough liar – despite what they may think), then you have to deal with the consequences of the action and the lie – and it is always so much worse:( I also have the tendency to be much more lenient in general when the truth is told (especially if it was hard telling it) because I think it takes some guts sometimes to own up to things:)

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