Quote of the Week

“Don’t be a shark, be a fish”.

Josh came to me the other day to say all the other kids had made up a quote for our quote of the week except for him and Sam. He wanted to make one!

He said he had come up with “Don’t be a shark, be a fish” – and said it was an “anti bullying” quote!

I suggested maybe he could add a little: “Don’t be a shark, be the leader of a school of fish”, but he veteoed any involvement from me. Fair enough.

I did think it was quite thoughtful. Bullying is something that is discussed a lot in our schools, and we certainly discuss it at home. However, I think the quote is applicable even in situations that would not be completely defined as outright bullying.

Perhaps we can just be gentler in our approach with people. Rather than biting people’s heads (or arms off) like a shark would do, we can be a bit more soft and gentle like a fish. Rather than going in for the kill every time like a shark, we can swim around the issue for a bit and see if there is away to approach things without stirring up too much trouble.

Thanks Josh for your contribution!

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