Something to do

I try not to see clients on Fridays. It is my day to do all the administrative stuff, write reports, attend meetings and just plain catch up on work.

However over the past few months I have had to squeeze in some client time too because I have just been so busy. This past Friday I had a conference to go to, but I also had to urgently see a client before the conference. So much for the day to “catch up”.

I arrived at the conference 45 minutes late after an early morning appointment with my client and sat through the morning portion. Following lunch however, I saw I wasn’t getting a lot out of the conference and my mind started drifting to all the things I had to do….

I decided to cut my losses, leave the conference and go get my errands and groceries done. That way, I could have them done before I headed home to get the kids, help Josh with some homework that he needed to get done, sort through Zandra’s summer wardrobe, make dinner and head out for a quick evening with my girlfriend I hadn’t seen in ages.

I quickly drove to Walmart, ran around the store getting what I needed before I found my spot in the never ending line. While I waited, I pulled out my phone to respond to some emails, and send a quick text to catch up with another girlfriend.

The woman in front of me was talking to her two year old. I was only half listening, but I heard her say to her daughter “Oh no! I forgot to get XYZ! Oh well, I guess I’ll just come back tomorrow. It will give me something to do”.

That got my attention. “It will give you something to do”? Really?

I smiled. As much as my life is busy, I am so grateful that I am not happy to forget something at the grocery store so that I can go back and have “something to do”. My life is filled to the brim with so many things to do – it’s often hard to prioritize.

As busy as I am – (and at a level of busy- ness right now that I am not blogging as much as I want), I never want to get to the stage where I am looking to shopping to give me something to do:))

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