TFC vs LA Galaxy Game!

There was a lot of buzz in the house this week! Wednesday night was a long anticipated night!

The boys all went to the Rogers Centre to see TFC vs LA Galaxy (including David Beckham).

Zach and Josh are both crazy about soccer. They both play rep and they love to watch it, play it and talk about it. Gabe and Sam aren’t as infatuated with it – but going to a game is pretty darn exciting.

Initially Zach and Josh were going to go with their Dad, and they were each allowed to bring a friend. Then Rob, Gabe and Sam decided to go too. So, they all went together.

They had a fantastic time! Rob painted their faces, they bought hats/touques, ate popcorn,french fries, had some coke (which they covet since I don’t usually allow it) and were on the edge of their seats for the game that tied in the last minute:( (TFC had been ahead).

Here’s a few snaps:

Rob took a ton of pictures of the actual soccer game – I just chose a few that seemed “actiony”:)

They had an awesome time – and I’m sure a game they will always remember!

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