Best 10’s: 10 Songs Played an Awful Lot in Our Home Right Now

Ten Songs Played an Awful Lot in Our Home Right Now:

1. Life is Beautiful (Vega4)
2. Beach (Mew)
3. Somebody I used to Know (Gotye) (Zach plays on guitar too!)
4. Playing in the Sand (Mascot’s Distance)
5. Set Fire to the Rain (Adele) (Zach plays on guitar too!)
6. Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites (Skrillex)
7. If I Die Young (The Band Perry) (Zach plays on guitar too!)
8. 77 (The Big Pink)
9. Stole My Heart (Little & Ashley)
10. Hit the Ground (The Big Pink)

I do have to add #11: Weary Hobo:) Something only my family can appreciate:)

(I would guess that the kids have their own list of their most favorite top 10’s right now – but these are the ones I am hearing at home and in the car most right now – so will forever remind me of this time of life!)

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