Best 10’s : My Fave Movies

Last week when we were away, we watched Nights in Rodanthe again (actually Rob had never seen it he claims – but I think he had – just slept through it. It is an intensely girly movie).

I got to thinking about all the “intensely girly” movies that I love – and will force my kids to watch (Zandra won’t mind – but the boys may cringe). I think it’s important for boys to have a strong romantic side and it’s my responsibility as a Mom and Smom to make sure they develop it (their wives will thank me later:)!

Some are not exactly “girly” – but they are family oriented, or have great morales. I only put ones on the list that I would easily and willingly watch over and over again. That was my criteria:)

1. Anna and the King
I already made Zach and Josh watch this one (I made them close their eyes for some scary scenes – as there are a couple). But I LOVE this love story. So intensely in love – but never even a kiss. The fact that it is set in Thailand just makes it even better.

2. Nights in Rodanthe
I think I have made my case about this movie already. It has strongly influenced by vacations!

3. Eat Pray Love
I admit that the scenary and travel highly influence my love of this movie. But the story is pretty good too!

4. Under a Tuscan Sun
Meaningful to me personally having been through a divorce and really connecting to how she feels. Love the fact it is set in Italy too!

5. The Notebook
Just plain romantic. And sad. I like to cry in movies.

6. Forever Strong
Ok – this is not a romantic movie. But it is an excellent “value teaching” movie that I can watch over and over again – and so can my kids. So it is a winner of a movie then.

7. When a Man Loves a Woman
Oldie but goodie. I cried. I love Meg Ryan. I love Andy Garcia. I love San Francisco. I love where they vacation in Mexico.

8. It’s a Wonderful Life/A Christmas Carol/Elf
How could these movies NOT be on everyone’s favorite movies? We watch them every year (also love Mr. Krueger’s Christmas – but since it is only 30 minutes, I don’t count it as a movie!)

9. The Other Side of Heaven
My Dad served a mission in Tahiti and I ended up seeing this movie for the first time a few months after he passed away. I cried and cried wishing I could ask him so many more questions about the islands. Whenever I watch this movie, I feel like I am watching a bit of his history – and my kids are getting a taste of their Grandpa.

10. Step Mom/ Runaway Bride/ A River Runs Through It/ The Family Stone
I just love these movies for so many reasons: mainly the family dynamics. They each have individual scenes in them that I love and relate to – I could watch these scenes over and over.

I am such a sucker for any romantic movie – and any movie that makes me cry. Clearly I also enjoy movies that take place in some great settings too! Just makes me want to travel more! Like “The Descendents” this year – gotta love the Hawaii scenes….

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