Best 10’s: Things I want my boys to know

Of course I want all my kids to develop certain skills – the boys and Zandra.

However, I think there are some things that despite modern times, some men still seem to have issues with. I want to teach my boys about them now, and maybe one day their wives will be happy I did!

Ten things I need my boys to know or do:

1) The toilet seat is always placed DOWN and NEVER left up.

2) The toilet is always flushed.

3) If you finish a roll of toilet paper, you change it. You don’t leave a square and wait for someone else to change it.

Ummm….common theme….the bathroom. I don’t know how many boys/men I know that don’t flush or leave the toilet seat up. Gross. And not changing the roll, that’s just plain inconsiderate.

4) If a garbage is overflowing, change it.

5) Chivalry is not dead, like I talked about here. Good manners and politeness always count. Especially at the table. No need to hear any bodily functions either please.

6) Just listen. Don’t try to solve all the problems. Just listening often does the trick:)

7) Details. Remember a few details. Don’t forget anniversaries, birthdays or special occasions. Make a big deal about them – even if we insist it’s not a big deal.

8) Don’t ever say “You look beautiful”. Much better to say “You look more beautiful than usual”.

9)The laundry basket is where dirty laundry goes. Not the floor. And you are responsible for it getting there. And are equally responsible for getting the laundry done. Or for anything getting done at home for that matter.

10) Always be worthy, be prepared and be ready to serve.

I may have to do another best 10’s as there are a lot more things I want my boys to know….


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  1. I have girls, and other than the leaving-the-toilet-seat up thing, and perhaps substituting “handsome” for “beautiful” in terms of giving compliments, the rest of these are great lessons for them as well!

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